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Name:Nethilia - Who Really Doesn't Exist
Birthdate:Oct 15, 1980
Location:Washington, United States of America

Writing journal: nethilia.
Pony Photography: kirakirapony


WARNING: This Entire LJ may contain an opinion contrary to yours. Please do not read while pregnant with the dumb, nursing a grudge, or if you have recently had a butthurt injury. May contain nuts or essence of nuts. Do not read post while driving or operating heavy machinery or if you are taking MAOIs. Your fuck-uppedness may vary. No refunds after thirty minutes or 3000 words, whichever comes sooner. no Country For Old Men. I will probably drink your milkshake. Unless it's Chocolate. Fuck you for trying to kill me.

This entry (still on eljay) is important. READ IT before you friend me casually, or your feelings may get hurt and I won't care.

Hey. So you're reading my Bio. Good for you. Gives you info. I decided to make this it were.

My real name is Tasha (and sometimes I use it in here), but online I go by Nethilia or Kitti. I mostly use Kitti or Neth in here. If I use Tasha I'm probably pissed off/upset at something or talking about something super personal.

I just crossed over the path of Thirty and am a not-so-recent graduate of Texas A&M University. For four and a half years I worked tech support/customer service Level Three for a company I called XCORP, but I am unemployed as of April 2012. I'm shortish, loud, weird, and so goth I was born black. And when I say black, I mean little b black. Big B Black--as a stereotypical culture and actions pushed by the media onto society as what defines black people to oppress them and keep them in a box of "Oh this is Black and you aren't Black if you don't act this way"--is not my thing. The cycle of deliberate ignorance frustrates me to no end, so I most of the time don't self-identify as Black. And yes, there is a difference to me.

I'm an artist and a writer and one day hope to be published. I'm Keirsey INFP and an Ennegram 4. I run a collective, known as Spenecial*com, where I keep a lot of info and sites on stuff I like, and it is in need of an update. I am married to Brent who can be found at opty64 but he doesn't post as often as I do or as oddly as I do. We were married July 25, 2008. This being said, I'm polyamourous so I'm not exactly exclusive. Or as moniquill put it for me, "I'm not a slut. I'm a sexual philanthropist." Whereupon I later added that I only give to worthy causes. I am bisexual--or as my husband kindly puts it, "you're a lesbian married to and in love with a straight man." Pretty much, I am attracted to my husband and women, though some images of men will give me a Bi Check like none other.

I am a pagan who believes in various gods and pantheons. My personal gods are Athene, Hermes, Bast, Yemaya, Eris, Aphrodite, Persephone, and Isis--and I have my own views with them that might not line up with ancient stories, but I look at them as evolving gods and my views aren't going to be yours. I also Touched by His Noodly Appendage (Pastafarian, Manicotti Rebellion of October 2005). I am pro-choice, pro-sex ed (not abstinence only), pro-gay rights, anti-stupidity, anti-oppression, pro-polyamory, anti-racist, anti-prejudiced (and that applies to any race), anti-privilege, pro-scrotum, liberal, socialist in a way (everyone should have basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and health care; luxuries mean paying extra) and frigging weird. (Nine words the Eclectic Rede attest: Steal what works, fix what's broke, fake the rest.) I am a furry (specifically a brown fluffy domestic cat), but not a pr0n furvert so there will be no pr0n with me in it. Pinups, yes. Pr0n, no. To make a long story short, I'm a DDBBPPGF (damn dirty black bisexual polyamoric pagan goth furry) and proud of it. If you have a problem with any of this, kindly shove it. You won't convert me by whining to me.

I love collecting 80's toys, especially My Little Pony, and I love plushies, dolls, and books. I'm a Pokémon fanatic. I'm like a dragon with my hoard, actually, and I don't like getting rid of anything so I'm a horrible packrat. I speak broken Japanese ("Japanglish") and have forgotten most of my French. I like video games, RPGs, manga, drawing, and anime, particularly mahou shoujo (there's nothing more kickass than girls saving the world in short skirts and high heels). I'm a geek and I'm damn proud to be one. I'd be a nerd but that would imply I couldn't function in society normally. (I only do it when I have to--it's annoying being a mundane.)

I have a gang of AG (American Girl) dolls, with some inclusions from other companies. They are: Addy Walker and her best friend Sarah Moore (customized Little Sister) (1860s), Naomi Kirkland (moddie), Marisol Luna (moddie), Amber "Otters" Flynn and her little sister Laylie Flynn (former LOF) (moddie), Elizabeth "Beth" Cady (1820s, Gotz), Felicity "Lissie the Lezzie" Merriman and her girlfriend, Elizabeth Cole (1770s), Josefina Montoya (1820s), Kaya'aton'my (1760s with a lot of modern), Kit Kittredge (1930s, some modern), Kyung Mi "Kimmy" Kim and Tyanna Lewis (1980s), Edith Anderson and Dorothy McNeal (1960s), Sonali Patil-Matthews (moddie/Harry Potter), Charlotte "Lottie" Tinsley (1840s), Tara Johnson (moddie Samantha), Mellie Croom (moddie), Abbi Dormany (moddie), Cécile Rey (1850s), and Shanna Peters (Moddie). They will be everywhere on the journal. They star in stories. They have livejournals (well, Naomi does). They show up everywhere. It's quite possible Felicity and Elizabeth might make out and I'll take pics of it. Get used to it--I hope dolls don't bother you. I like dolls and plushies and if someone can't handle that we will have a problem. And if you think that's shit's immature, back button's to your left.

I also now have Marie Jennifer Nyassusani, a 47 cm Obitsu ball-joint doll, Abebi Nicole "Nikki" Rhodes, a Iplehouse Benny, and two Hujoo--R.U.B.Y. and Sapphire. And that's not all. I have a lot of dolls. A LOT. And yet somehow I still manage not to be too creepy.

Most of my time is split between writing a book, drawing some art, coding for a website or two, chasing down another pretty pony, playing a Pokémon game, dicking around with other American Girl Collectors/doll collectors that aren't jerks (do you know how hard it is to find doll collectors who aren't batshit?), surfing the net (a sinkhole of time), hanging with the gang, bothering my husband, hanging with my bro, and making people feel happy and loved whenever I can--or like shit on a shack if they're a fucking moron. I like women, men, polyamoury, paganism, intelligence, My Little Ponies, furry stuff, avoiding pants, Harry Potter, goth stuff, American Girl, video games, Pokémon, sewing and craftwork, art, and some other shit.

Don't stab me in the back or dick me over, because I've become very good at pretending that people who are assholes to me no longer exist in reality. Revenge is nice, but killing people mentally is nicer. The opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference. I save myself a lot of energy by not even giving a shit about people.

I also don't exist on multiple levels, as according to various wanks/stupids, the following are non existant:

- Black goths
- Black feminists
- Black pagans
- Bisexuals
- Girls on the Internet
- English Majors (albeit a former one, what with the degree and all)
- Harry Potter Fans that liked Deathly Hallows, including the epilogue
- Girl Gamers
- Black people who can wear their hair in ringlets without weave
- Girl Geek
- Female Yuri/femslash fan
- Non-creepy doll collector
- Anime fan who doesn't hate dubs, but still prefers most subs
- People who like black jellybeans
- Black people who tip
- Pokemon fans over the age of 14
- Black people who are not homophobic
- Queer PoC
- Black people who have mental health issues
- PoC who have read sci-fi/fantasy prior to widespread internet usage
- PoC women writers of sci-fi/fantasy other than Octavia Butler
- Women who aren't ruining sci-fi by virtue of just writing and liking it
- PoC gamers
- Feminists with big boobs (because you see if you have big boobs and show them off in any way you are "slutty")
- Women who read and enjoy sci-fi/fantasy and not just romance novels and "girly" books (the romance novels and the Danielle Steele and whatever or something)
- African American lit readers
- Fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who
--don't like being called a Brony for multiple reasons (News: being a boy fan is no big fucking deal unless you are insecure in your everything)
--don't like catering the fandom to guys/manchildren
--Like Prior Gens (NO SHIT)
--think the "Cupcakes" fanfic is a stinking pile of horseapples
--and yet manage to enjoy some of what the new fans have given to us, such as music, art, and mashups

Note how most of this is due to my race. This is because people are stupid fail about race. However, this lack of existence makes me a Unicorn.

How friending works around here: My F-list has gotten huge; therefore, you don't HAVE to tell me that you've friended me. I also get the e-mail alerts. I use The Friending Page to check once in a while, especially after something that gets me attention. However, if I have NO idea where you came from, and/or you don't alert me to your presence, chances are pretty good that I won't add you at all.

So, that's about it. Anything else you need to know, that's what the journal is for. Like I can sum myself up in a bio.


tanyad: Neth doesn't pull punches. She speaks truth and if you don't like it? Well step on man, step on.

fisher_queen: kittikattie is consistently interesting and thought provoking. Through reading her journal, I've come to gain a greater understanding of the world through the eyes of other people, groups, and cultures. She's also taught me how not to be an asshole and how to handle charged conversations and debates effectively, calmly and politely, while still standing my ground and standing up for my beliefs.

lauren5678: kittikattie Rocks.
kdsorceress: Seconded.
flutterbychild: Thirded!

moniquill: [Y]ou are carved from a solid brick of awesome.

In more concrete terms, because you are bold, blunt, self-aware, and more than able to break out the clue bat when it needs breaking out. You listen well. You are smart and funny. Your joy in the little things is infectious. You don't take yourself -too- seriously; your level of seriousness is exactly correct.

...See line one again.

marie_mac: There is one word to describe [info]kittikattie: wit. She has it and she's not afraid to use it, especially in conjunction with a Clue Bat.

troubleinchina: Neth makes everything she does sound so interesting, especially stuff that I'm not really into, like dolls and pokemon. She's great!

queenlyzard: 1) Neth has a way with words. To the extent that she'll make you fall off your chair laughing even when she's telling you just how badly the world sucks.
2) Awesome boobs, generally seen at Titmas.
3) Did I mention the funny? Best. Word-combos. Evar.

infinitysquared: I love my friend that is an Intelligent Black Woman Who Just So Happens To Enjoy Playing Dressup With Her Dolls And That Is No Sillier Than Any Of YOUR Weird Hobbies, So Shall We Sit Down And Have A Cup Of Tea?

Amazon Wish List: Because I like receiving shinies.

*~*~* Nethilia/Kittyferret/Tasha *~*~*

There used to be pony colorbars and stuff, but apparantly half my info got LOST, so I put back the two that really matter. If I care to find the others, I'll put them back.

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